When shopping for your adventurous loved one this holiday, trust the Colorado providers who know the local outdoors best.

Atom longboards: The stretchy ride is zipping off campuses to urban centers, especially in mountain towns. Colorado Springs-based Atom is leading the charge with some of the zippiest on the market, equipped with battery boosters. Do consider if your kid is ready to operate one on the hilly streets and trails for which Atom’s all-terrain line is made. Note: Battery-assisted wheels allowed where motorized use is, including Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management roads and trails. $250-$700, atomlongboards.com

Big Agnes sleeping bag: Named for the peak near its Steamboat Springs home, Big Agnes promises a restful night in the backcountry so you can get back at it in the morning. The priciest of the bunch will withstand temperatures well below zero, but all bags are made with light, fluffy material that mimics your bed. $110-$500, bigagnes.com

EarthRoamer: We know. This is something you won’t even, can’t even, consider buying. But one can dream in the season of dreaming. Out of an industrial zone north of Denver comes the ultimate expedition camper, combining the burliest, turbo diesel Ford trucks with a solar- and battery-powered living space akin to a luxurious apartment. Retired couples sell the house for a life on the road. Starting at $490,000, earthroamer.com

Heliskiing at Silverton Mountain: For your beloved (and capable) adrenaline skier, Silverton Mountain is that hazy, distant peak in their dreams, the stage for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is the state’s only ski area offering a single drop from a helicopter. $179, silvertonmountain.com

Meier skis: Independent ski makers all have an appealing story to get you to buy. Meier stands out for aiming to be the most eco-friendly among them by using renewable goods, most notably harvested aspen trees that the Denver company says is “ultra lightweight and poppy” for performance. We saw the handmade process ourselves and were impressed. Starting at $700, meierskis.com

Precision Peaks: A man in Leadville has created the perfect mantelpieces for mountain lovers. In the basement of one of the town’s historic buildings is a computerized carving system that takes pine blocks and turns them into peak replicas. They are keepsakes for some, trophies for fourteener baggers. $30, precisionpeaks.com

State parks pass: For someone new to Colorado, you can’t go wrong here. Get that someone acquainted to the great outdoors by pointing them to some of the Front Range gems worthy of love, such as Eldorado Canyon, Golden Gate Canyon and Staunton state parks. $70, cpw.state.co.us

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