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The craft beverage movement in the Pikes Peak region began over a quarter century ago, but it could be argued that it only fully hit its stride within the last five years. It began at the dawn of the nationwide craft brewery movement, and that independent and adventurous spirit has since expanded to distilleries, wineries and even your favorite morning beverage.

Crafts & Drafts is a 100%-free digital drink passport that’s delivered directly to your phone when you sign up. It’s full of drink deals and discounts at more than 20 breweries, distilleries, wineries and specialty coffee shops that are valid from now through the end of the year. Each spot on the Crafts & Drafts Passport has its own unique offer to quench your thirst and expand your palate.

Because what’s the only thing better than enjoying craft beverages and supporting their local purveyors? Saving money while you do it! Here’s an overview of where you’ll save with the passport.

Pikes Peak Region Craft Breweries

Colorado has the fourth most breweries per capita in the U.S., which is impressive when you factor in that the state is home to only 2% of the country’s population. There are now more than 400 breweries statewide, with the Pikes Peak region being home to a healthy chunk of 30 of those. Crafts & Drafts is a great way to try some of the best.

Goat Patch Brewing
You’ll enjoy a buy-one-get-one pour of your choice at Goat Patch Brewing with Crafts & Drafts. Photo Courtesy:

Featured Craft Brewery: Goat Patch Brewing

Named after Head Brewer/Part Owner Darren Baze’s prodigiously long goatee braid, Goat Patch Brewing Company was founded in 2016 with a dedication to providing patrons with masterfully crafted, balanced brews. Located in the repurposed former Lincoln School, and with regular visits from the city’s best food trucks, the brewery has a hip and unique vibe all its own. With Crafts & Drafts you’ll enjoy a buy-one-get-one pour of your choice, so bring a friend!

Participating Craft Breweries:

Pikes Peak Region Craft Distilleries

The first local distillery didn’t get started until 2010, but the fact that there are now six in the area is a testament to the demand for craft spirits with local flavor. As the adage goes: Pick your poison. Whether it’s Rum, Vodka, Bourbon or Moonshine, Crafts & Drafts will allow you to imbibe some of the city’s best, and save while you sip.

Axe and the Oak Distillery
Crafts & Drafts gets you a buy-one-get-one cocktail and 10% off any bottle purchase at Axe and the Oak Distillery. Photo Courtesy:

Featured Craft Distillery: Axe and the Oak Distillery

Axe and the Oak began in 2013, after five friends were sipping bourbon around a campfire wondering if they too could create a whiskey worth sharing among friends. Anyone who has tried one of their amazing Tobacco-Smoked Old Fashioned cocktails in their inviting tasting room on the bottom floor of the Ivywild School can attest to their success. They source their corn and rye from Seibert, Colorado and many of their malts from Monte Vista, Colorado. They then distill and bottle their bourbon, rye whiskey and moonshine right here in Colorado Springs. You’ll enjoy a buy-one-get-one cocktail and save 10% on any bottle purchase here with Crafts & Drafts.

Participating Craft Distilleries:

Pikes Peak Region Craft Coffee

Craft consciousness has also moved into the coffee realm — bringing with it a relatively large number of local purveyors of caffeinated drinks that use house-made or locally sourced ingredients to give you that kick you need, but on a much more refined level. Now with Crafts & Drafts you can save on the inventive creations of these highly talented roasters and baristas.

Switchback Roasters
You’ll receive a buy-one-get-one coffee or tea at Switchback Roasters when you use Crafts & Drafts. Photo Credit: Photo Courtesy:

Featured Craft Coffee Company: Switchback Roasters

Switchback Roasters considers coffee to be more than just a drink — each cup being an incredible story about the chain of passionate people working together to produce something extraordinary. They source from the best producers in the world to find the highest-quality green coffee, and then roast it with the utmost care to highlight the flavors that are naturally inherent in the beans. They make sure they develop their coffees fully — locking in sweetness, while also being careful not to roast the beans too far. The end result is deliciously sweet, vibrant and complex coffees. With Crafts & Drafts that flavor is twice as rich, because you’ll get a buy-one-get-one coffee or tea.

Participating Craft Coffee Shops:

Wine Tasting Rooms

Although beer dominates Colorado, wineries have been on the rise in recent years with vineyards springing up across the state. And beyond the wineries themselves, there are also tasting rooms that gather choice vino from around the state and bring it here for us to enjoy. Crafts & Drafts gives you the opportunity to experience all these libations at a discount.

Winery at Holy Cross Abbey
Crafts & Drafts offers you a free tasting of reserve wines and 10% off bottle purchases from Winery at Holy Cross Abbey. Photo Courtesy:

Featured Participant: Winery at Holy Cross Abbey

Although not technically in the Pikes Peak region, The Winery at Holy Cross Abbey in Cañon City is an easy enough drive from Colorado Springs. And it’s well worth the trip to enjoy their 14 varieties of wine from just about every grape you can likely imagine, as well as some unexpected blends. It all began when some simple Benedictine Fathers had a dream of starting a fine Colorado winery on the pastoral grounds of their historic abbey. Since 2002 that dream has been a reality, where the tasting room is open daily, and the friendly staff will guide you through a flight of their multi-award-winning wines. With Crafts & Drafts you’ll receive a free tasting of reserve wines and 10% off bottle purchases.

Other participants:

More about the Crafts & Drafts Passport

Whether you’re already immersed in the local craft beverage scene, or a newbie feeling lost in a dizzying and ever-expanding collection of craft establishments, the Crafts & Drafts Passport is a great resource. It offers valuable discounts on your favorites if you fall into the former category, or if you’re in the latter group, it’s a great way to discover new favorites and experience what all the buzz is about. And it’s free!

Passport offers are valid through December 31. To redeem an offer, you simply need to enter the four-digit code from the location — each one is unique. Some deals are one-time use only, while others can be used multiple times. The program knows and keeps track of the timeframe between redemptions, and will refresh when the deal is able to be used again.

Get your Crafts & Drafts Passport and start saving today.

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