You usually feel more energized at happy hour than at home reading a book, you LOVE when parties are packed with people, and that work bbq complete with corn hole and icebreakers has got you stoked. And that’s when you realize… you’re most likely an extrovert. Often found getting energized by others, what better place to recreate than the great outdoors? You love getting out there, and those feelings of bliss when the wind kisses your face are only amplified when you’re surrounded by friends. We’ve got a few ways for you to get energized in the outdoors, and hope they help you get out there.

1. Take a hike

Maybe the most simple and most incredible experience you can have in the outdoors. Grab a group of friends, research a great hike, and bask in the beauty of the world around you. Talk about the birds, your favorite flowers, or try sketching a faraway peak. And always remember to leave no trace, so others can enjoy that beauty, too!

2. Take a Class

Have you been wanting to grab an ice axe or a pair of binoculars, and just never knew what to do with them? Whether it’s ice climbing or bird watching, joining a class or signing up for a guided trip is a great way to learn something new while meeting new friends or bonding with old ones. Most classes cost less the more people in them, so make sure to get some of your friends in on the action!

3. Join a group

New to an area or simply wanting to make some new friends? There are plenty of apps that can get you out into the wilderness or trail running at your local park with new people. Just make sure to gauge skill levels and always be cautious when getting together with people you met online!

4. Get dancin’

Can getting outdoors mean summiting a mountain or camping for a week without showering? Yes. But I like to shower…so does it have to? No! You can get outside by sitting your butt in a chair or stomping your feet on the outdoor patio of your favorite brewery, enjoying the music local bands or poets alike!  

5. Fire!

Whether you’re in a backyard or valley, sitting around a campfire encourages good food, good drink, and good conversation. Invite some friends on a camping trip or to your backyard for some s’mores. Bonus: When the stars come out, you can talk about the wonders of the universe or sit in silence and feel tiny for a bit.

Whether you’re an extrovert wanting to enjoy the outdoors or an introvert wanting to get out of your comfort zone, you can never go wrong with getting outside. Having friends, family, or even strangers around you can be an incredible way to share nature with others, and whether you’re learning something new or simply moving each foot to the beat of the Earth, there are endless ways for you to get outside. All you have to do is go!

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