Fitting for the charm and liveliness of Fort Collin’s Old Town district, The Exchange is a common-consumption area in which patrons are able to purchase food and drinks from a variety of establishments to enjoy either at the point of sale or in a large outdoor common space. It’s a great place to park it for a few hours on a sunny day for a relaxing drink and good conversation.

When we visited this destination, we found an eclectic mix of patrons – all-ages, families and singles, those there for food and some just to drink. There was also live music, which seems to be the norm for summer weekends.

Vatos Tacos and Tequila Spencer McKee
Vatos Tacos and Tequila. Photo Credit: Spencer McKee.

This open-air plaza is filled with first-come seating and outdoor games, set up to be both family and dog-friendly (on-leash only). A few of the dining options you’ll find here include Vatos Tacos & Tequila, Old Town Putt (a bar with putt-putt), Copper Muse Distillery, Churn Ice Cream, and The Infinite Monkey Theorem Urban Winery.

Nala explores Old Town Putt Spencer McKee
A tiny dog named Nala explores Old Town Putt, the Fort Collins bar that’s also home to a 9-hole putt-putt course. Photo Credit: Spencer McKee

Find out more about this fun Fort Collins gem here.

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