Pull on some warm layers, fill up a thermos with hot cocoa, and head outside on Friday night for a cosmic show you won’t want to miss. A full “snow” moon, a penumbral lunar eclipse, and a comet are all passing through through the night sky this Friday, February 10th.

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The first thing that will catch your eye will be the large full-moon. In what is usually the snowiest month of the year in North America, this February full-moon is aptly named the Snow Moon.

Next up is the penumbral eclipse which, according to NASA, will begin at exactly 5:43 p.m. MT and will last for about two hours. What is a penumbral lunar eclipse? This subtle and often difficult to see eclipse occurs when the moon moves through a faint, outer Earth shadow.

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A few hours following the eclipse, the green-tailed Comet 45-P will dart across the sky. Not visible by the naked eye, you will need to grab a telescope or watch the live feed on the @SloohLive Facebook channel. At a distance of 7.4 million miles, this is the closest Comet 45-P will pass Earth in 30 years!

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