Though it was once a railroad that connected several mining towns, Phantom Canyon is now driveable as long as you don’t mind a windy road that twists and turns for roughly 30 miles. This scenic canyon is the link between the towns of Florence and Victor. It’s not entirely known how the canyon got its spooky name, though some think it stems from ghost sightings, specifically those of a prisoner that was executed in the 1800s. It also passes through several century-old mining ghost towns. Take your pick.

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Gaining over 4,000 feet in elevation as it climbs from an altitude of 5,500 in Florence to 9,500 feet in Victor, this canyon drive features tunnels, unguarded drop offs, and more.

Even though it’s only 30 miles long, it’s intricate enough to take roughly an hour and a half to complete.

One thing to look out for during the drive is the historic Adelaide Bridge, the only bridge that’s still left from the Florence & Cripple Creek Railway.

And don’t forget, Phantom Canyon isn’t just a great place to go for a drive. There’s also tons of mountain biking and hiking in the area.

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If you’re interested in checking it out for yourself, here’s a map of the route:

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