Sometimes called “Ouray’s own Wonder of the World,” Box Canyon Falls is one of the most unique attractions in an area known as the “Switzerland of America.” Box Canyon Falls is where Canyon Creek narrows and drops, pushing thousands of gallons of water through the falls every minute. Unlike many waterfalls in the area, this fall has an official park built around it with maintained hiking and walking trails. That means its accessible for everyone willing to pay a low admission fee ($5 during our visit).

Box Canyon Falls Park
Box Canyon Falls Park. Photo Credit: Spencer McKee.

Reaching a height of 85 feet, most of the waterfall is hidden from the view of the walkable spots. That being said, visitors can hear the rush and see the power of a second cascade filling a pool below the fall.

Box Canyon Falls Spencer McKee
Note the larger fall hiding in the shadows. While this is all that can be seen of the main drop, it’s power is quite apparent. Photo Credit: Spencer McKee.

Part of the beauty of this fall is the canyon that surrounds it. Feeling something like a large cavern, the temperature drops while inside, with mist often filling the enclosed space.

Box Canyon Spencer McKee
Where the water leaves Box Canyon Falls. Photo Credit: Spencer McKee.

Another aspect of this fall that makes it unique is the metal walkway that leads visitors down to the floor of the canyon. It provides a great view of both the visible part of the fall and the pool below.

Box Canyon Falls
Jared Regan seeks to spy the Box Canyon Falls from a nearby overlook. Photo Credit: Katie Black Regan

If you do plan a visit here, please follow the principles of Leave No Trace. This is a fragile ecosystem and there are several posted rules, including to stay out of the water.

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