One thing that shocks visitors coming to Colorado are the roads. Not only is the speed limit a high 75 miles per hour in many places, the routes can also get extremely steep. If you’re not used to it, driving in Colorado can feel like you’re falling off the side of a cliff. Curious about how steep some of these roads really were, we tracked down the steepest paved mountain passes in Colorado with a little help from Colorado’s Department of Transportation.

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10. Rabbit Ears Pass – 6.8% at 9,426 feet

9. Wolf Creek Pass – 6.8% at 10,850 feet

Wolf Creek Pass Lobo Overlook OutThere Colorado
View of valley from Wolf Creek Pass in the San Juan Mountains of south central Colorado USA.

8. Douglas Pass – 7% at 8,268 feet

Douglas Pass Photo Credit Craig Gaebel - OutThere Colorado
Photo Credit: Craig Gaebel.

7. Vail Pass – 7% at 10,666 feet

Road Biking - Vail Pass - Vail Colorado - OutThere Colorado
Road biking over Vail Pass. Vail, Colorado. Photo Credit: OutThere Colorado.

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6. Molas Pass – 7%+ at 10,910 feet

Million Dollar Highway at Molas Pass OutThere Colorado
The Million Dollar Highway (US-550) at Molas Pass near SIlverton, Colorado.

5. Spring Creek Pass – 7.5% at 10,901 feet

4. McClure Pass – 8% at 8,755 feet

3. Red Mountain Pass – 8% at 11,018 feet

Million Dollar Highway
Red Mountain Pass on a snowy day.

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2. Hoosier Pass – 8% at 11,541 feet

Hoosier Pass Mount Lincoln View OutThere Colorado
Mount Lincoln Near Breckenridge – 14er near Hoosier Pass with Mount Lincoln Ice Falls. Breckenridge/Alma, Colorado USA.

1. Slumgullion Pass – 9.4% grade at 11,361 feet

Slumgullion Pass - Mountain Peak - Tom Margie - OutThere Colorado
Photo Credit: Tom Margie

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