Wildfire season is underway, as several huge fires have recently sparked up around the Centennial State. A dangerous summer is likely ahead, with one 2018 wildfire already making the cut for the “10 largest recorded fires” in the history of Colorado. Wildfires pose very serious threats and need to be taken seriously. Do what you can to prevent human-caused fires from happening. Below you’ll find a list of the largest fires that have occurred in Colorado, all of which have happened since 2002. This list is based solely on acreage of the burn, according to the Colorado State Forest Service. Other fires, such as the Black Forest fire (2013; 14,280 acres) Waldo Canyon fire (2012; 18,247 acres) have caused more lose of property and life compared to others on this list.

*For simple size comparison, a football field is roughly 1.32 acres

10. 117 fire

2018 – 40,892 acres

An early phase of the 117 fire near Colorado Springs. Photo Credit: Dougal Brownlie; The Colorado Springs Gazette.

9. Bear Springs/Callie Marie fires

2011 – 44,662 acres

8. Bridger fire

2008 – 45,800 acres

7. Last Chance fire

2012 – 52,000 acres

6. The ‘416’ & Burro Fire Complex

2018 – 55,000 acres

416 Fire Burro Fire AP
A satellite image by DigitalGlobe shot on June 9, 2018. This shows the 416 Fire on the right and the Burro Fire on the left. Photo Credit: @DigitalGlobe, a Maxar company via AP.

5. Missionary Ridge fire

2002 – 71,739 acres

4. High Park fire

2012 – 87,250 acres

3. Spring Creek Fire

2018 – 108,045 acres

Spring Creek Fire Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
Spring Creek Fire. Photo Courtesy of the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

2. West Fork complex fire

2013 – 109,632 acres (West Fork, Windy Pass and Papoose fires)

1. Hayman fire

2002 – 138,114 acres



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