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The Pikes Peak Region is a hub of craft beverages; independent coffee roasters, craft brewers, and craft distilleries all find a home and a captive audience in southern Colorado. There’s truly something everyone can enjoy in this booming craft beverage scene, and with the free Crafts & Drafts Passport from the Colorado Springs Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, you can truly taste your way through the Pikes Peak Region. The passport features discounts and deals at 24 local businesses, including coffee shops, breweries, distilleries, and restaurants, so that you can experience all that the Pikes Peak Region’s craft beverage culture has to offer. For more information about the Crafts & Drafts Passport, visit

Pikes Peak Region Craft Breweries

The Crafts & Drafts Passport features 13 craft breweries each with unique flavors and atmospheres all their own.

Brewing Beer - Portra - iStock
Craft beer has become one of the Pikes Peak Region’s best attractions. Photo Credit: Portra (iStock)

Featured Craft Brewery: Phantom Canyon Brewing Company

Established in 1993, Phantom Canyon Brewing Company claims the title of the Springs’ oldest brewery – what better place to start a local beer tour. Offering a wide selection of delicious food, beers, and specials, this three-floor establishment is a local favorite for happy hour and weekend nights. Not only is their wide range of menu selections sure to please any set of taste buds, they’ve got a variety of games, like billiards and darts, that will keep anyone in the party entertained.

Craft Breweries:

Pikes Peak Region Craft Distilleries

There are five distilleries featured in the Pikes Peak Region’s Crafts & Drafts Passport. From vodka to rum, whiskey to moonshine, there’s something for everyone at each of these distilleries.

Pikes Peak region dPikes Peak region distilleries - Crafts & Drafts Passport - whiskey on the rocks - igorr1 - iStockistilleries - whiskey on the rocks - igorr1 - iStock
The Crafts & Drafts Passport features five Pikes Peak Region distilleries. Photo Credit: igorr1 (iStock)

Featured Craft Distillery: Colorado Gold Distillery

The Colorado Gold Distillery has been making spirits in the Pikes Peak Region since April 2010. Their signature vodka, the Colorado High Vodka, is distilled from hemp. It’s the first and only U.S.-produced vodka that’s fermented and distilled with real, natural hemp.

Craft Distilleries:

Pikes Peak Region Craft Coffee

Craft coffee makers roast their coffee beans themselves, focusing on bringing out different flavor profiles to add nuance to the taste of the brew. They also use specialized brewing methods to optimize the coffee. There are two craft coffee makers featured on the Crafts & Drafts Passport.

Camelback coffee - OutThere Colorado
Camelback Coffee at Outdoor Retailer, Winter 2017. Photo Credit: Sophie Goodman (OutThere Colorado)

Featured Craft Coffee Maker: Loyal Coffee

Loyal Coffee is situated in downtown Colorado Springs and is barista owned and operated. They specialize in artfully roasted coffees, specialty toast dishes perfect for breakfast or lunch, and a welcoming community atmosphere.

Craft Coffee Shops:

Participating Restaurants, Taprooms, & Providers

Crafts & Drafts passport - Participating restaurants and providers - PeopleImages - iStock
There are four participating restaurants, taprooms, and other providers on the Crafts & Drafts Passport. Photo Credit: PeopleImages (iStock)

Featured Taproom: Trails End Taproom

Trails End is Colorado Springs’ first self-pour taproom, featuring 40 taps of local beer, cider, and wine. The taproom also features bike work stands, topo maps, trail conditions information, and knowledgable locals so it can truly be the basecamp for all of your outdoor adventures.

Participating Restaurants, Taprooms, & Providers:

More about the Crafts & Drafts Passport

The Crafts & Drafts Passport kicks off on May 15, 2018 and runs through the end of the year. The Passport features exclusive discounts and deals at 24 craft breweries, distilleries, and coffee makers in the Pikes Peak Region so that you can explore all that the Pikes Peak Region craft beverage scene has to offer. The Passport is free and can be instantly delivered to your phone via text message or email.

Also, if you collect at least five redemption codes from any of the featured locations, you can earn a free 2018 Crafts & Drafts T-Shirt. Each redemption also provides users with 10 entries to win the grand prize getaway at the Cliff House in Colorado Springs.

To start exploring and to get the Passport today , visit

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