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Summertime is for rest, relaxation, and unplugging the stress from your regular routine. Colorado Springs, Colorado, one of the Centennial State’s most beautiful cities, is the perfect location for an unplugged day. Set amongst some of the most stunning mountain scenery in the state, Colorado Springs offers something for everyone. From hikes to yoga, from luxury spa experiences to gourmet dining, you can immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Colorado Springs and enjoy the restful pampering that you’re looking for. In partnership with Visit Colorado Springs, we’ve put together an awesome day-long itinerary to guide you through a stress-free, unplugged day in Colorado Springs.

Start your morning on the water with Dragonfly Paddle Yoga. The practice of yoga combined with the gentle floating of the water and the mountain breezes will help you start off your day with exercise that’s good for your mind and your body. The 90-minute class is open to all levels of yoga practitioners, and classes include all equipment, basic paddleboarding instruction, and photos of your experience.

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Dragonfly Paddle Yoga in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Photo courtesy of Visit COS.

Head into downtown Colorado Springs after yoga for a hearty breakfast. The heart of downtown has options for everyone, including traditional brunch establishments, bagels, and healthy fare options.

After fueling up, you’re going to want to head to out to one of the area’s most unique natural attractions, the Paint Mines Interpretive Park. The terrain at the Paint Mines Interpretive Park spans four miles of trails across 750 acres and has a diverse ecological makeup that combines wetlands, badlands, and prairies in a relatively small space. Due to its unique landscape, the space attracts a variety of wildlife, including horned toads, mule deer, and coyotes, along with a huge number of birds.

While the land is currently protected, evidence of human inhabitants can be found dating back 9,000 years in the form of arrowheads made of selenite clay.

Paint Mines 2 - Photo Credit Charles Roach - OutThere Colorado
Paint Mines Interpretive Park. Photo Credit: Charles Roach (OutThere Colorado).

The afternoon calls for a spa experience. Head to the Garden of the Gods Collection’s Strata Integrated Wellness Spa, a full service spa and salon. You’ll find nine luxury treatment rooms designed specifically for rest, relaxation, and healing. You can choose from a menu of massages, treatments, pedicures, manicures, and more.

Garden of the Gods Collection (11)
Garden of the Gods Collection’s Strata Intregrated Wellness Spa in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Photo courtesy of Visit COS.

Finish up your day of unplugging with a trip to the charming town of Manitou Springs. The town is famous for its natural mineral springs. Over the course of many years, an enormous amount of rainwater and snowmelt from around the Pikes Peak region has soaked into underground rock fractures. As the water heats and mineralizes, it flows upwards into limestone caverns where it becomes carbonated and eventually returns to the surface, filtered and free of contamination. You can taste water from the various springs on a walking tour, and a map can be found either online or at the Manitou Springs Visitor Center. Take your time enjoying the town as you soak in the relaxation and rejuvenation from your day in Colorado Springs.

Manitou Springs 2016 (4) sm
Manitou Springs mineral springs in downtown Manitou Springs, Colorado. Photo courtesy of Visit COS.

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