In case you haven’t noticed yet, plenty of snow has been falling around the state. It might not be as much as “that one epic winter” from years ago, but average depths are well above average. Just look at the chart below. It shows where we’re at compared to our normal snow-water equivalent. You’ll notice most spots are above average.

USDA Snow report Dec
Media Credit: USDA

Leading the pack in percentage-above-average snowpack is southeastern Colorado, including Colorado Springs. Also especially high is ski country, stretching from Loveland to Winter Park to Vail to Steamboat. All this snow has allowed resorts to open up terrain at a rapid rate. If this keeps up, it might lead to one of the best powder years of the decade.

To people that been following the storm cycles rolling through the state, this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Colorado has had several big snowstorms roll through already, capable of stranding people on the roadways and dumping around two feet of powder.

Over the next week or so, we probably won’t be getting too much precipitation, but this writer is hoping it picks up again soon.

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