Though the forecast was unclear mid-week moving into the weekend, it’s now official – snow has hit Colorado.

Many residents of the Front Range woke up to falling snow on Friday morning, with warm temperatures preventing much accumulation with the exception of higher altitude areas. That being said, roads were quite slick in many spots causing issues with traffic and commuting.

More than four inches of snow have been reported in Monument already, a higher-altitude town north of Colorado Springs, with up to five inches falling in Woodland Park. In that same region, Teller County expects to see 9 or more inches. Boulder got more than 3 inches and Denver is looking at an even 3.

Don’t expect a ton of snow in the mountains this weekend though, according to OpenSnow. The storm cycle that was originally predicted to hit the high country ended up dropping snow 50-100 miles east of where it was expected – likely why the Front Range is getting hit while the mountains aren’t seeing a ton.

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