Semi-truck runaway ramps have been a major topic of conversation around the country following a massive wreck on I-70 that killed four, involving a semi-truck that may have had brake issues.

Days later, on April 26, another semi-truck had apparent brake issues in Colorado, speeding toward a runaway ramp before blasting to the top. See the full video below.

While this video seems like a wild and crazy instance, FOX31 Denver reports that trucks use this specific ramp approximately 40 times per year. They also include the detail that getting towed away from a ramp can cost $4,000-$10,000, not to mention damage sustained by the vehicle, all of which is the responsibility of the driver or the driver’s company.

Trucks take the runaway ramps for a variety of issues, though they are often brake related. This stretch of Colorado’s interstate features steep grades and many turns, posing problems for some vehicles passing through. The speed limit stays relatively high – between 65 and 75 miles per hour and traffic tends to exceed the posted limits.

This style of ramp is called a Gravity Escape Ramp. It’s basically a ramp consisting of thick gravel that causes quick and immediate deceleration. Sand ramps are similar, though these are found on lower grades.

Here’s a look at what the runaway ramp looks like from above:
Runaway ramp in Colorado Media Credit: @2019 Google Maps
Runaway ramp in Colorado. Photo Credit: @2019 Google Maps.

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