On April 14, a skier went sailing into the crowd during Copper’s annual Slopesoakers pond-skimming event – an event in which snow-athletes launch over and across giant pools of water to the joy of onlookers. During the incident, one woman broke her collarbone and several others were injured resulting from the crash.

Whether or not the skier’s action was an intentional attempt to clear the crowd or a misfired launch off of a ramp remains undetermined. Some witnesses claim that the stunt was planned, while a woman described as the girlfriend of the victim has stated that it was an accident.

At the time of the crash, it was up-in-the-air whether or not the skier, Hayden Patrick Wright, 27, would face charges, and if so, what they would be. As of September 4, Wright has officially pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge of reckless endangerment, as well as no contest to misdemeanor assault.

While the assault charge resulted in a two-year deferred judgment and sentencing, the reckless endangerment conviction will carry 10 days in jail prior to the end of 2018, as well as 120 hours of community service, and prohibition from alcohol and non-prescribed drugs through August 2020.

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