Looking to experience life on the ranch? A visit to Hey-Hey Yak Ranch may be the adventure your heart is after.

Immerse yourself in the wild beauty of the Hey-Hey Yak Ranch, resting at an elevation of 5,800 feet. Tucked away at the base of the mountains, this hidden gem gives way to breathtaking views, colorful sunsets, and nightly star shows. There’s also a large pasture consisting of multiple pens, where you’ll find over 60 farm animals grazing on the property.

Photo Credit: Hey-Hey Yak Ranch

Hey-Hey Yak Ranch is located in southern Colorado in Cañon City. Owners Sean Gall and Dawn Birge maintain the sprawling 73-acre ranch where they currently care for 12 Tibetan yaks, 41 hairy Mangalitsa pigs, and 12 chickens.

Visit the ranch and meet the lively herd. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can even feed cookies (alfalfa pellets) to the yaks.

Meet Clyde, a purebred Mangalista. Photo Credit: Hey-Hey Yak Ranch
Clyde, a purebred Mangalista is the head honcho at the ranch. Photo Credit: Hey-Hey Yak Ranch

Moffat was the original site of the Hey-Hey Yak Ranch, where it rested at an elevation of 7,800 feet. Recently, the ranching couple decided to relocate to a lower altitude in hopes of better health for Birge’s daughter. This October will mark two years at the ranch’s new location. A second ranch was also founded with friends in Moffat, which houses another herd of over 100 yaks.

The yaks are raised for both meat and hide production. All of the yaks are grass-fed – no antibiotics, pesticides, or hormones. The pigs are also fed a healthy blend of barley and oats. The meat that comes straight off the ranch is USDA certified and available for purchase.

Photo Credit: Hey-Hey Yak Ranch

These yaks are also known for a number of awards. In 2013, a steer named Lito won the people’s choice award at the National Western Stock Show in the Mile High City of Denver. Another lead bull from the ranch took home the title for the “best-looking yak” thanks to its soft cashmere-like wool.

Sean and Dawn hope to open a yak-inspired food truck in the near future. The dreamt up menu consists of pork green chili, yak dumplings, yeti spaghetti, and “yakos,” featuring yako meat tacos.

To schedule a free tour of the Hey-Hey Yak Ranch, reach out to the owners on their Facebook page.

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