Rocky Mountain National Park near Estes Park reported another year of record numbers during 2019.

Throughout the course of the year, the Rocky Mountain National Park admitted 4,670,054 visitors, which was a 1.7 percent increase over the 4,590,492 people that visited the park in 2018. July was the most popular month to visit, during which 976,042 visitors entered the park.

The 2019 numbers represent a 44 percent increase compared to annual numbers from 2012.

The busiest days were as follows:

  1. September 28 (Saturday)
  2. July 28 (Sunday)
  3. September 29 (Sunday)
  4. September 22 (Sunday)
  5. July 5 (Friday of Independence Day weekend)
  6. September 21 (Saturday)
  7. July 21 (Sunday)
  8. September 1 (Sunday before Labor Day)
  9. July 6 (Saturday of Independence Day weekend)
  10. July 4 (Independence Day)

Planning a trip to the park this year? Take advantage of several free days and our mini-guide.

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