According to a press release from Boulder County, a member of Rocky Mountain Rescue was assaulted after responding to a call on the 2600 block of Flagstaff Mountain Road located west of Boulder. The rescuer was responding to a report that a male hiker needed assistance, with witnesses stating that the man had smoked marijuana before acting strangely and falling. The unruly hiker struck their head during the fall.

Prior to the arrival of the rescuers, friends with the 18-year-old hiker had been holding the man down to prevent him from “running off into the woods.”

When the rescuers arrived and started to administer treatment to the hiker, the hiker struck one of the paramedics in the face. After continued struggle, a sedative was administered to the male to calm him down.

Though specific injuries weren’t included in the press release, the unidentified male was taken to Boulder Community Hospital via ambulance. He was issued a summons for third-degree assault.

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