A mountain on every extreme skier’s bucket list, Silverton Mountain has some of the most dangerously epic terrain in the state. Consisting of one lift, guided terrain options, and heli-skiing packages, it easy to see why this hill is one-of-a-kind in the Centennial State.

Believe it or not, you can actually rent the entire mountain for a day, for the low cost of just $9,900. The might seem like a lot, but at a suggested attendance of 40 people, that’s $250 a ticket – slightly more than what some of the pricier resorts will charge you for a lift ticket regardless of the crowd and this deal comes with a guide.

Prior to the lift opening to the public on December 27, the mountain can be rented by private parties 7 days a week. After that, mountain rentals are generally limited to Monday through Wednesday.

Why would you want to rent out an entire mountain? The Silverton website suggests bachelor parties, corporate events, and fundraisers as a few reasons.

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