Spending a summer working trail crew will change you. It will challenge you, and at the same time, simplify your life. You’ll be cold and uncomfortable, and at times, thirsty and sunburned, but you’ll leave knowing so much more about Colorado and so much more about yourself. If that’s not enough to convince you, here’s twelve more reasons trail crew should be your next Colorado summer job:

1. You’ll spend most of your summer outside. That’s the dream, right? Living in the outdoors, life becomes simple and refreshing. You get to live by nature’s rhythms.

2. You’ll get in touch with your inner weirdo. Trail crew is a judgment free zone. The more time you spend in the woods, the more cultural norms will melt away. You’ll invent wacky games and dances, bask in absurdity, and love every minute of it. Prepare yourself for shenanigans like “The Banana Dance”, “Miniature Tanks”, “Fart Baseball”, and [insert any other nonsensical title here].

3. You’ll come out of it with a wildly entertaining quote book. Start writing down quotes from your trail mates right away. By the end, what you’ll have is a written record of the most hilarious corners of your best friends’ minds. Notebook: $2. Quote book: priceless.

4. You’ll gain a crew family. Spending the whole summer with the same eight people means you will become a family. There will be love and laughter, tiffs and spats, and lifelong friendships gained. When you go into town, mom and dad (crew leaders) might even buy their kiddos (crew members) ice cream cones!

5. You’ll learn and practice tons of backcountry skills. The social aspect of trail crew is wonderful, but so is the learning experience. Backcountry living comes into play every day. You’ll learn to set up a camp to keep bears away, to nail down a packing and unpacking routine, to filter tons of drinking water efficiently, to cook for large groups—basically, you’ll know how to live comfortably in the mountains for an extended period of time.

6. You’ll see every sunrise and sunset. Rising and sleeping with the peaks means you’ll see two of Earth’s most beautiful phenomenons every single day—which means it’s hard to have a bad day. And no matter how many you see, you’ll always be surprised by Colorado’s limitless color spectrum.

7. You’ll explore parts of Colorado that you never would have otherwise. This job will take you to the most amazing parts of the Rocky Mountains—sometimes places untrodden by people (since you might be digging the first trail in the area). Let trail crew be your portal to discovering Colorado’s best.

8. You’ll gain an appreciation for trails that you never had before. Trail crew will open your eyes to everything that goes into a long-lasting path, and you’ll never take another one for granted. On every future hike, you’ll notice all of the trail structures, know exactly why they exist, how they were built, and how well they’re doing their job.

9. You’ll be the strongest you’ve ever been in your life. Get ready for muscles on muscles. You’ll lift rocks, carry rocks, break rocks, wrestle rocks! You’ll do pushups every morning and hike every day. You’ll carry heavy tools long distances and become a pro at swinging a pickaxe all day.

10. You’ll dabble in an environmental career. Take this low commitment opportunity to explore the natural resources career path. You’ll work with all levels of people in the field and gain a sense for what professional life might be like if you pursued it.

11. You’ll make a positive impact on the world. Not only do trails protect fragile ecosystems, they also allow people to access nature—something proven to be an immensely positive factor on mental and physical health. You can feel good about your work because you’re making the world a better place to live.

12. You’ll find an extended escape from technology – Lastly, trail crew means technology cleansing. Instead of focusing on screens, you can focus on strength, movement, mountains, and good conversation—all of the things that make us the happiest.

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