Officials have made the decision to temporarily close a section of North Table Mountain Park due to rattlesnake activity. The very popular Cottonwood Canyon Trail will not be open for public access, carrying a hefty fine of $150 or more for those that violate this closure. While officials did not originally say when the trail would reopen, signs posted on site state that the closure will last until November 15.

One way to identify a rattlesnake (other than their unique rattle) is by noticing their tail. Photo Credit: Todd Dwyer (Flickr).

This closure comes less than a month after one Colorado runner suffered a fatal rattlesnake bite in the Golden area.

This photo shows a bull snake, often mistaken for a rattlesnake due to a similar scale pattern. When you’re on the trail, it’s important to know the difference. The easiest way to tell them apart is the tail. While bull snakes have been known to shake their tail when threatened, they don’t have a rattle. Photo Credit: Herkie (Flickr).

Rattlesnakes can be found as high as 9,500 above sea-level in Colorado, preferring warm and dry areas. While fatal bites do occur, they aren’t common, accounting for less than 10 deaths in America each year.

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