Each year, Copper Mountain Resort hosts the Slopesoakers pond-skimming event sponsored by Red Bull. The event consists of skiers (most of whom are in goofy costumes) blasting down the mountain over pools of water and terrain park ramps. This year, things went awry when one participant – Hayden Wright, 26 – attempted to jump over a group of spectators watching the event. This stunt failed when Wright collided with the group, resulting in one woman breaking her collarbone, along with several minor injuries to others.

According to a post by the Summit Daily, authorities have indicated that there will likely be a felony assault charge filed against Wright due to his reckless behavior. Following the incident, Wright was first cited with misdemeanor assault, though this was prior to police knowledge of the more serious injury. Serious injury tends to escalate charges.

Wright had allegedly consumed alcohol prior to the incident, though there is no evidence that he was intoxicated.

A video of the incident has since been posted online. Wright can be seen launching himself off of a ramp before flipping backwards with a half rotation. He then lands amidst the crowd. That video can be found here.

For a better look at what the Slopesoakers event is, you’ll find a few shots from when OutThere Colorado attended in 2017 below:


Photo Credit: Spencer McKee


Photo Credit: Spencer McKee
Photo Credit: Spencer McKee

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