If you love the Colorado outdoors, there’s a good chance you’ve already heard of Hanging Lake – whether it’s an item on your bucket list or it popped up on your news feed following recent vandalism of the trail. Hanging Lake is one natural destination in the Centennial State that’s garnered plenty of attention as of late, with serious overcrowding sparking a conversation about what steps can be taken to ensure that this picturesque blue pond remains open to curious travelers for many years to come. According to Post Independent, a Glenwood Springs area publication, a proposed plan for the future of Hanging Lake is set to be released by the U.S. Forest Service on Tuesday, August 22nd.

A sign tells visitors to stay off the iconic log that floats in the middle of Hanging Lake. Photo Credit: Stephen Martin, OutThere Colorado.

As the number of visitors to Hanging Lake balloons to 1,200 on a crowded day, possible suggestions have included a shuttle service, a fee system, temporarily closing the trail, and/or hiring additional eyes to make sure the rules that help protect this fragile attraction are followed. Two recent events have resulted in public outcry for a solution, including one instance where graffiti popped up along the trail and another where models for a clothing company ignored signs to “please stay off the log” during a photo shoot.

The rules and regulations of the Hanging Lake trail are posted in several places along the route. Photo Credit: Stephen Martin, OutThere Colorado.

What will the proposed solution be? We’ll have to wait until Tuesday to find out. After Tuesday, a 30-day feedback period will start, allowing the public and stakeholders to voice their opinion about what is set to be done to preserve this breathtaking natural wonder.

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