Aspen Police have released video footage and images of three men suspected to be responsible for an $800,000 jewelry heist that occurred in Aspen, Colorado on Friday, December 21.

Here’s a look at the three suspects:

Couresy of Aspen Police Department
Courtesy of Aspen Police Department.

The suspected thieves were quite brazen in their heist, conducting the theft in the middle of the day inside the iconic Little Nell Hotel with plenty of witnesses around. In the video of the theft, the three men can be seen entering the hotel and then standing around a jewelry case. This is presumably when the theft occurred. Early reports indicate that the thieves used a screwdriver to open a display case before helping themselves to the jewelry inside.

The company that owned the jewelry case was Piranesi, a New York City-based business. The case has been in the hotel lobby for more than two decades. One reason that the jewelry is so expensive is an 18-carat diamond that’s set as a feature stone.


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