Decades of wildlife preservation and a mutual respect for the great outdoors between Coloradans and visitors alike have kept the landscapes of Colorado beautifully picturesque. From the Rocky Mountains to the breathtaking cityscapes, Colorado has no shortage of photo opportunities. And though there are an infinite number of photogenic destinations in Colorado, here we’ve compiled a list of the 8 of our favorite places to take that award-winning shot (or new Instagram pic!) in the Centennial State. Where’s your favorite Instagram-worthy place in Colorado?

Maroon Lake Scenic Trail - Maroon Bells 2 Katie Rae Spell OutThere Colorado
Maroon Lake Scenic Trail. Photo Credit: Katie Rae Bode.

1. Maroon Bells

For a postcard-worthy panorama, head over to the Maroon Bells, a set of snow-covered peaks nestled behind a reflective lake southwest of Aspen. Due to the popularity of this photogenic destination, access is limited to buses only during the summer and fall. Stop by before June to drive your vehicle directly to this stunning location.

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Mount Wilson Photo Credit Sophie Goodman - OutThere Colorado
Mount Wilson. Photo Credit: Sophie Goodman.

2. Mount Wilson

A landscape so astounding, Coors Brewery prints it on every bottle. Located southwest of Telluride, this mountainous silhouette is the poster child of all mountains.

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Telluride Colorado - aimintang - OutThere Colorado
Main Street, Telluride, Colorado. Photo Credit: aimintang.

3. Main Street, Telluride

If you’ve ever seen a quaint mountain town picture used when describing Colorado, this is likely it. Charming mountain shops line the main street while the Rocky Mountains causally sit in the background of your photo.

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City Park Denver - OutThere Colorado.
City Park, Denver.

4. City Park, Denver

If you’re looking for a desktop-worthy skyline of Denver, City Park located in the heart of the capital offers a stunning skyline background and beautiful park foreground for your masterpiece.

Crested Butte - Bona_Trent_Town - OutThere Colorado
Crested Butte, CO. Photo Credit: Bona_Trent_Town.

5. Elk Avenue, Crested Butte

Stop by this popular street during your next ski trip for a jaw-dropping view of the mountains against the antique mountain shops that line this popular Colorado destination.

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Gothic Ghost Town - Crested Butte Colorado - Jeffrey Beall - OutThere Colorado
Gothic, Colorado. Photo Credit: Jeffrey Beall.

6. Gothic Road, Crested Butte

Head back to this mountain town during the summer to bike along one of the most photographed trails in the country. Wildflowers line the rolling mountainside while the dusty bike trails weave between one of the largest aspen forests in North America.

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Morning Light at Garden of the Gods
Early morning shot of the Central Garden of the Gods taken from the west side.

7. Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs

True to its name, Garden of the Gods was dubbed in the late 1850’s as a landscape “fit for the gods”. Massive red rock formations protrude between coniferous trees of Colorado, making this location a heavenly picture opportunity.

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Mount Sneffels - Mount Sneffels Wilderness. Photo Credit: John Fielder - OutThere Colorado.
Mount Sneffels – Mount Sneffels Wilderness. Photo Credit: John Fielder.

8. Dallas Divide, San Miguel County

Located just a few miles west of Ridgeway, Dallas Divide fits the diverse scenery of Colorado’s climate into one shot. If you’re looking to capture the golden hues of autumn against the wintery mountaintops and lush greenery, this is your place.

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