Amidst the throngs of retail buyers checking out the hottest gear, PR professionals relaying their brand stories, and photographers setting up shots of outfitted mannequins at the Outdoor Retailer and SIA conventions, OutThere Colorado was hunting for an overlooked, but much coveted piece of swag—the stickers. We found everything from traditional rectangular designs to colorful cutouts to messages of inspiration. Here are the 13 best stickers of the 2017 outdoor industry convention season.

Best Overall Design

Winner: Goal Zero

Goal Zero - OutThere Colorado
Goal Zero.

This was a hard choice, but we couldn’t keep our eyes off this simple, clean, and calming design. The artistic black and white color scheme and subtle details drew us in and stuck.

Most Likely to End Up on Your Nalgene

Winner: Lucky Bums

Lucky Bums - OutThere Colorado
Lucky Bums.

This sticker says, “Go on adventures. Get lost. Escape cell service. But also, don’t forget to hydrate!”

Most Likely to End Up on the Bumper of a Subaru

Winner: Black Diamond

Black Diamond - OutThere Colorado
Black Diamond.

If your first Colorado car was a Subaru, then you are part of a vast and totally non-exclusive club made up of people who ventured westward for college. You probably also spent your days repeating this sticker’s mantra while wistfully staring out of a classroom window in the hopes that a powder day would save you from your biology lab.

Runner Up: Yeti

Yeti - OutThere Colorado

Best Ski Sticker

Winner: Alpine Initiatives

Alpine Initiatives - OutThere Colorado
Alpine Initiatives.

Not only is this logo really awesome, it also represents an incredible organization born out of the passion of the snow sports world. Pay homage to legendary skier and AI founder JP Auclair, and support Alpine Initiatives by sticking this logo on a set of planks.

Best Snowboard Sticker

Winner: Ride Snowboards

Ride Snowboards - OutThere Colorado
Ride Snowboards.

Snowboarders have got a style all their own. Ride fast, stay gritty brah.

Most “Colorado” Sticker

Winner: Colorado Brewers Guild

Colorado Brewers Guild - OutThere Colorado
Colorado Brewers Guild.

Yes, Coloradans love beer. And we’re darn good at making it. Plus, “the state of craft beer” is a much better moniker than the Centennial State.

Runner Up: Meier Skis

Meier Skis - OutThere Colorado
Meier Skis.

Points for an awesome Colorado flag design. Proud Coloradans can’t help themselves… Everyone’s got at least one piece of apparel with a flag.

Most Inspirational Sticker

Winner: Kicking Horse Coffee

Kicking Horse Coffee - OutThere Colorado
Kicking Horse Coffee.

If Ferris Bueller owned a coffee company, this would be his motto. Make the most of the day, friend.

Most Retro Steeze

Winner: B Fresh Gear

B Fresh Gear - OutThere Colorado
B Fresh Gear.

Combine the sophisticated aesthetic of an eighties ski onesie with the invincible, all-in attitude of a college student, and you get these fun-loving stickers. Choose your favorite resort sticker to paste all over your rear-entry ski boots.

B Fresh Gear - OutThere Colorado
B Fresh Gear.

Honorable Mentions

Sh*t That I Knit

Shit That I Knit - OutThere Colorado
Sh*t That I Knit.

Cute and cozy with a sassy edge… This sticker is the perfect ambassador for the brand known for fur-topped pompom beanies.

Outdoor Research

Outdoor Research - OutThere Colorado
Outdoor Research.

This double-headed ski bum sticker takes style inspiration from classic playing card design. This duo bets on adventure!

OutThere Colorado

OutThere Colorado
OutThere Colorado.

Well, we had to include our own sticker!

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