*This piece is part of OutThere Colorado’s “One Take” series. Opinions expressed are that of the author, not the company.

In case you haven’t heard, Winter Park has made a recent improvement that you won’t find elsewhere in Colorado – digital screens on certain ski lifts. The screens provide lift riders with information about terrain openings, traffic reports, along incoming weather, along with a digital terrain map that replaces what you’d typically find on a lift.

Here’s a preview of the technology:

The technology can currently be found on the bars of 5 chairs on Mary Jane’s Super Gauge Express Lift. While this is clearly a limited-release test run, the Colorado-based company that created the technology, Alpine Media Technology, hopes that success at Winter Park will sell more resorts on their product.

I’m not going to lie, at first, I wanted to hate this product. A big part of me doesn’t like the idea of putting a distracting digital screen in front of lift riders. Personally, I like to enjoy the views and tend to avoid technology while I’m at the slopes. That being said, this technology does deliver a lot of useful information, including traffic cameras and weather reports that help riders monitor road conditions for the trip home. I could see where this might relieve a little bit of the pain of I-70 travel if this gets implemented on a wider scale. Having more informed drivers that are aware of what they’ll be getting into might help things run a bit smoother.

Another feature said to be included are lift line reports. This could be especially helpful for planning the next run down the mountain, preventing some of the huge lift backups frequently seen on crowded days.

My final take: give it a try, hopefully it might relieve some of the growing congestion around Colorado’s ski slopes. While it could be a little distracting, the people that want to soak in the views will still have that option. I just hope the tech can hold up to the harsh weather that comes along with Colorado winters.

*This piece is part of OutThere Colorado’s “One Take” series. Opinions expressed are that of the author, not the company.

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