Is your favorite outdoor area being overused? Now you have the chance to do something about it!

Leave No Trace is looking for YOUR help to nominate a “Hot Spot” that is suffering from the severe and lasting impacts of outdoor recreation.

Hot Spots are classified as all public lands — meaning city parks, forests, open space lands, national parks, and other protected areas across the country that have sustained damaged from being overused. Selected “Hot Spots” will receive a combination of education programs, service projects, follow-up programs and more.

2020 Hot Spot Nominations will be accepted now through May 3rd. Your nomination could help your favorite outdoor area get the care and attention it truly deserves.

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A sign warning visitors to stay on the trail that leads to Hanging Lake. Photo Credit: Stephen Martin, OutThere Colorado.

Now in its seventh year, the Leave No Trace Hot Spot program is making a huge difference in reviving natural areas, as well as preserving fragile and beautiful destinations through sustainable practices and innovative recovery solutions.

From alpine lakes to countless waterfalls and mountainous regions, Colorado is home to many natural wonders. Here are just a few of our favorite destinations to consider for a Leave No Trace nomination:

  • Paint Mines
  • Hanging Lake
  • Guffey Cove
  • Conundrum Hot Springs
  • Island Lake
  • Zapata Falls
  • St. Mary’s Glacier

To continue to minimize your impact and keep Colorado and other parts of the country beautiful for future generations to enjoy, always follow the core principles of Leave No Trace.

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