Wild Animal Sanctuary purchases massive new space for expansion

The Wild Animal Sanctuary. Photo Credit: The Wild Animal Sanctuary.

Home to more than 460 animals, The Wild Animal Sanctuary near Keenesburg, Colorado is getting crowded. Currently, the sanctuary spans over a 789 acre plot of land, but a recently announced expansion plan indicates signs of dreaming bigger. The non-profit purchased more than 9,000 acres of land located near La Junta in southeastern Colorado, now called “The Wildlife Refuge” and soon to be filled with animals.

Responsible for rescuing more than 1,000 animals since opening, the Wild Animal Sanctuary will continue operating as normal with the goal of educating the public about something called the captive wildlife crisis – an issue that involves the mistreatment of animals in captivity. While these animals may not be fit to re-release into the wild, they’re able to live a more natural life at the sanctuary.

The new land that has been purchased is quite different than the plains environment near Keenesburg. This land will have trees, rocks, and canyons. The non-profit hopes that this terrain will be more natural and more stimulating for their animals. It will also allow them to rescue greater numbers.

Animals currently at the refuge include lions, tigers, bears, jaguars, and many others.


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