Shiny Silver Car Exterior Windshield And Side Mirror. Photo Credit: JonGorr (iStock).

Photo Credit: JonGorr (iStock).

A Nest video camera captured the moment a food delivery driver's car rolled away while making a delivery to a Colorado home. 

In the video, the delivery driver can be seen getting out of his car and walking toward Ensing’s home while the car rolls away in the background. The delivery driver appears to have no idea, patiently waiting to hand off several bags of food to Ensing.

"Dude your car is escaping and rolling away," Ensing says as opens the door to meet the delivery driver. "I just saw it on camera, you may want to go grab it!"

Shocked to see to turn and see his car is gone, the delivery driver sprints off after it.

The video was captured by Brandon P. Ensing in Fort Collins on Saturday, July 24.

Luckily, the delivery driver was able to get to his car in time to avoid any damage to the vehicle or otherwise, according to Yahoo News.


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