Photo Credit: Shalana Gray, CPW NE Region (screenshot from embedded video via Twitter)

Photo Credit: Shalana Gray, CPW NE Region (screenshot from embedded video via Twitter)

Colorado Parks and Wildlife recently shared a video of an encounter between a skunk and one of Colorado's deadliest predators with an outcome many wouldn't expect.

The video below captures a skunk walking by a mountain lion at night. The clip then cuts to another scene that shows the mountain lion seemingly trying to decide whether or not to pounce on the small creature. The skunk (now seen through the brush on the left side of the clip) bluff charges the lion multiple times as the lion can be seen sinking backward and baring its teeth. Eventually, the skunk wanders off to stink another day.

While mountain lions can eat skunks, they're not a normal prey that the big cat would go after. A brazen attitude, distinctive markings, and a smelly spray help skunks ward off dangerous animals, with only an estimated 5 percent of skunk deaths attributed to predators.

If you spot a skunk in Colorado, keep your distance. While it might take a squad of skunks to cause much physical harm to a human, it only takes one threatened skunk to leave a lasting scent that's quite nasty and difficult to hide. Skunks can also carry various diseases, giving humans another reason to keep their distance. Keep pets away from skunks, too!

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Kind of looks like a gate?


If you notice behind the car there are stairs. You can make out the treads and risers. The metal structure is the handrail for the steps. The can might ave been resting at the foot of some homeowners stairs

Jack Regard

What’s up with the cage-like structure behind the mountain lion? Seems out of place.


OOPS Cat not Car

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