It's happened again – someone's spotted something odd above Colorado's vast skies.

A woman has taken to Twitter to claim that she saw a UFO hovering above Fort Collins, Colorado for around seven minutes.

Check out the video below and continue on if you're curious about my opinion.

My first thought was that this must be something reflecting on a windshield from behind the vehicle. However, the way the trees block the fluctuating lights out at one point in the clip seems to disprove this.

At this point, I started the search for other angles of the same scene. I found several more videos that claimed to capture the same event from a different angle, though these videos show a single glowing orb though. See one below.

One light is a bit easier to explain – possible a weather ballon or a Google Loon balloon. Could the orb have been distorted by fog or the window in the viral video, making one light appear as two? That's my guess.

What do you think? Let us know in the comment section.

Colorado has a rich history of UFO sightings, with many occurring around the state each year. The San Luis Valley is one hot spot for sightings, likely thanks to the lack of light pollution in the area. There's even a UFO Watchtower in that part of the state that's open for visitors.

Read more about UFOs in Colorado here.

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There were 3 Project Loon balloons flying over Northern Colorado August 3, at about 53,000 feet traveling about 20 kts, launched from Winnemucca, NV and heading to Africa to provide internet and cell service. Thanks to a former Loon employee for pointing them out, she lives next door, in the mountains west of Fort Collins. I tracked them all day on I just sent a photo of one balloon and screenshot of the radar to this article's author for publication.


My wife and I saw this as well...from Loveland, looking west over Boyd Lake towards the mountains. We both commented about it, saying that's odd, two flashing lights well off in the distance. Due to the cloud cover and conditions at the time it was very hard to make out how far away it was. IMHO it was over the Devils Backbone ridge area, but could have been further up in the mountains. If so, it had to be very large. Whatever it was, it simply stopped blinking and vanished as we were watching. It was really very weird.


Not likely that the image of two orbs is simply a reflection of a single orb. Both orbs appear to be flashing at the same rate but are flashing out of phase with each other. A reflection would be flashing in sync with the original object with negligible latency given the speed of light.


Tinker, your name here, should be changed to thinker. You are a thinker and I applaud your analysis.

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