Bear Cub

Photo credit: Ranger Tiffany

Since April, Colorado Parks and Wildlife's Ranger Tiffany has been observing two bear cubs and a sow as they navigate life as a familial unit.

In a series of tweets, Ranger Tiffany shared an intimate look into the bear's lives as captured by wildlife cameras. 

"In April, the first black bear with cubs was spotted freshly emerging from the den. Little did I know, I would be blessed with monitoring them all spring, summer, and into fall," Ranger Tiffany said a the tweet. 

On Sunday the saga took a tragic turn, when Ranger Tiffany shared a video of one of the young cubs taking a swim alone in the woods.

"Just four days later, the black cub stops for a swim, without his family. This is very unusual and I’m immediately worried,' Ranger Tiffany said in Tweet.

"One week later, my fear became a reality. The brown cub is missing. The family continues their normal route, just one cub short." 

Bear cubs stay with their mothers for around 18 months, so it is very unlikely that the cub will survive on its own. 

"I was no longer getting her traveling with the family, I assumed she was lost, injured or killed by a predator," Ranger Tiffany said. 

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