cougar Photo Credit: MaZiKab (iStock).

Photo Credit: MaZiKab (iStock).

Footage of another terrifying animal encounter has emerged involving a hiker and a mountain lion facing off in Utah's Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Identified as Jared Smith, the hiker was on Broads Fork Trail on Thursday when a mountain lion started following him while he was running down the path. Throughout the video, the mountain lion can be see making aggressive bluff charges and hissing noises at Smith. Smith repeatedly talks to the big cat, repeating "I'm going away, I'm not trying to bug you."

According to Smith, the pursuit lasted about five minutes before the mountain lion left and Smith was able to safely return to his vehicle. He suspects the cat was defending children in the area, as was likely the case with another (perhaps even scarier) mountain lion encounter in Utah that was captured on camera in October of 2020.

In a Facebook post, Smith states that the encounter rattled him, but that he is otherwise fine.

Watch the video of the encounter below:

Mountain lion attacks are very rare, though it is important to know what to do if approached by a big cat in mountain lion territory. Do not run, as this can trigger a chase and kill response. Instead, slowly back away while attempting to make yourself appear big, talking loudly to the cat. Try to throw something at the cat without crouching to pick something up and if attacked, always fight back.

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