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One Colorado resident got an early morning visit from a group of their most elusive neighbors. 

Home security footage shared by Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) on Twitter caught at least three mountain lions strolling through a backyard in Douglas County. 

The first two can be clearly seen as they walk down the middle of the yard, but third is a bit harder to spot. 

See if you can find the third. HINT: The hidden lion is in the first clip. 

Follow the rock perimeter of the home and the third lion can bee seen looking over the edge.

This awesome footage serves as a reminder that in Colorado, we share space with some pretty incredible wildlife. 

As CPW said in a message earlier this year, "If you have deer, you have mountain lion." 

While mountain lions are unlikely to attack humans, it's important to respect their space. 

If you see a mountain lion, CPW recommends that you do not approach the animal. Instead, remain calm, back away slowly, do all you can to appear larger, and if the lion becomes aggressive—fight back. 

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I love seeing this; lions and large animals living within the community. I no longer live in CO, but was in the Denver area a week ago on business. Visited a favorite spot of mine close to where I used to live: Daniels Park. Wow, has it changed. Now it's just the suburbs with asphalt roads and civilization encroaching in every direction - even a big golf course. Saw a couple of park workers up there. They confirmed no lions there any more. I used to hear them when I'd go up there early mornings. Denver, I no longer recognize you. It was a sad visit in some ways.

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