Bobcat. Photo Credit: Donyanedomam (iStock).

File photograph of bobcat. Photo Credit: Donyanedomam (iStock).

Two bobcats were seen prowling around a Colorado Springs backyard on Sunday in a home security video posted by Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) on Twitter. 

The pair is first seen simply passing through, but a second video shows one of the cats with a large rabbit in its mouth.

"Here's why CPW stresses protecting your pets from predators. We live with wild animals including bear, mountain lions, coyote, fox, raptors and more. Imagine if your cat or small dog was out when two bobcats came on the prowl," the tweet read. 

The video is a great reminder that domesticated pets don't stand a chance against wildlife and could be seriously injured or killed during a confrontation. It's also important to keep an eye on your pets when they are outdoors, especially at night. 

Luckily, the homeowner's pets were inside and accounted for during the unexpected visit.  

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