File photo. Photo Credit: LeoPatrizi (iStock).

File photo. Photo Credit: LeoPatrizi (iStock).

DENVER (AP) — A country bar and dancehall near Denver has temporarily and voluntarily closed its doors after a video widely shared on social media showed a recently packed dance floor, calling the venue’s safety guidelines into question.

Tri-County Health Department Environmental Health Director Brian Hlavacek said The Grizzly Rose in Adams County was questioned for allegedly violating county restrictions intended to limit the spread of COVID-19, KCNC-TV reported.

“Under Level Orange, all restaurants, including The Grizzly Rose, are required to adhere to 25% capacity, or 50 people, whichever is fewer,” Hlavacek said, adding that this is not the first time the music venue has been in question.

“We did issue a warning notice back in October, and then following that, the owner decided to temporarily close for the winter and just recently reopened,” Hlavacek said.

Owner Scott Durland told the health department on Monday that he would temporarily close again.

“We weren’t trying to subvert the Colorado COVID regulations for bars and restaurants over the weekend. In fact, we have not advertised being open for the past three weekends because we could not handle a crowd with the current state mandates,” Durland said in a statement.

He added: “I will continue to remain closed until we are able to remain within the current state mandates or can no longer sustain the revenue loss.”

Hlavacek said the health department is watching the venue and is “working on next steps, whether it’s a cease and desist or an order to close.”


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Colorado ranks almost dead last economically from recovering from the virus. Regulations about only operating at 25% capacity are part of the reason why we're doing so poorly. The COVID has mostly run it's course. If a person is afraid of catching it, stay home.


No, Covid-19 hasn’t run its course, as shown by the mutated strains which give the SARS-CoV-2 greater transmissibility, virulence, and the possibility of rendering current vaccines less effective.

Every additional infection results in many thousands of viral replications, each of which may produce a mutation which confers an advantage to the virus. The probability of any single replication doing so are tiny. But the odds get worse for humans with every infection.

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