Emergency Response Photo Credit: MattGush (iStock).

Photo Credit: MattGush (iStock).

A home security camera caught footage of what appears to be a shooting at Chaffee Park in Denver, early Thursday morning. 

The video shows a car driving past the park at about 1 AM. A passenger then appears to unleash multiple bullets. A KDVR report states that there may have been dozens of gunshots and that they may have been fired toward a group of people.

"When officers arrived, they located a vehicle that was damaged by gun fire. No injuries were reported. At this time there are no arrests. The investigation is ongoing," officials from the Denver Police Department said in an email about the incident.

Chaffee Park is located near Pecos and 44th Avenue.

If you have any information regarding this incident, contact police at 720-913-2000. 

This shooting is one of several that have occurred at Denver-area parks in recent months. Another involved a 17-year-old boy, who was shot at Red Tailed Hawk Park in March.

Last November, six teens were shot at Nome Park, which is located only 12 miles from Chaffee Park. A teenage suspect was charged in the shooting in January.  Another juvenile was shot in Nome Park weeks later. 

In February, Denver's Mayor Hancock unveiled a public safety plan to decrease violent crime in Denver. Part of that plan involved cracking down on illegal gun possession and gun related crime in the city. 

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82nd Airborne

Sounds like it's time to assign full time officers at these parks!

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