mountain lion File photo. Photo Credit: anankkml (iStock).

File photo. Photo Credit: anankkml (iStock).

There's a video making rounds on the internet that captures something many will find a bit startling – a mountain lion roaming the downtown Denver area. It serves as an important reminder to Colorado's residents that wildlife is never far.

According to 9News, the video of the mountain lion was captured on a home security camera in the Lower Highlands area.

While the video isn't too wild in itself, merely capturing the cat casually strolling across pavement, the fact that a lion is roaming a lit residential area in a major American city is a bit shocking. While mountain lion sightings aren't common in Denver, they have been known to be attracted to the city via the Platte River.

Watch the video below:

Though not a common sight in Denver, mountain lions have been known to reside in urban areas where wildland terrain is present. Sightings of this nature may become more common in Colorado, as civilization continues to push further into natural space.

If you happen to spot a mountain lion, never run. Attempt to spook the animal away by waving your arms and making loud noises while slowly distancing yourself from the lion. Find more tips about what to do during a mountain lion encounter here.

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One of the worst features of the mass extinction of species, much of which is linked to H sapiens, is ours and future generations will never even know what they’re missing.

Even such a common and wondrous sight of my childhood—hundreds of lightning bugs flashing at dusk—is much diminished or not seen at all in many places.


(Oh my goodness!) I haven't seen lighting bugs since I left Cortland, Central New York Finger Lakes Region back 1983 when I was raising my four children!! This was a fun thing to do with children of all ages too! Jess

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