Screenshot from embedded video below. Credit: Mayor Parker the Snow Dog.

Screenshot from embedded video below. Credit: Mayor Parker the Snow Dog.

A trio of "big kitties" got caught on camera strolling through a residential area of a Colorado mountain town, serving as a good reminder to stay alert while in mountain lion country.

Several large mountain lions were caught on camera prowling through Georgetown last week. Video shared by "Mayor Parker the Snow Dog" caught the trio of cats roaming in the vicinity of two different houses in the night. The cats were brazen enough to approach the house, even stepping onto a porch.

Mountain lion sightings are not that unusual, especially in towns like Georgetown where civilization and the wilderness exist in close proximity.  

If you happen to encounter a mountain lion, keep facing the lion and back away slowly. Do not run. Be big and loud. Use anything at your disposal such as rocks and sticks to try to scare the lion away. If attacked, fight back.

Although mountain lion attacks are rare, they do happen, making it best to stay alert and always be aware of your surroundings while in a wild place.

Breanna Sneeringer writes about news, adventure, and more for OutThere Colorado as a Digital Content Producer. She is an avid adventure seeker and wildflower enthusiast. Breanna joined OutThere Colorado in September 2018.


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