Some aspects of nature are so mesmerizing that even a daily occurrence captured on video can go viral.

A video published by FOX31 and captured by an Evergreen couple shows a mountain lion stalking a bull elk. As an elk strolls through a field just beyond a fence and a swing set, a lion follows close behind.

Watch the video below:

The outcome of the moment remains unknown.

If you happen to spot a mountain lion while in nature, don't run or squat down. Stay calm, holding your ground or slowly backing away while facing the lion.

If the mountain approaches you or seems aggressive, try to appear large. Wave your arms and speak loudly. Try to throw objects in the direction of the animal and if it attacks you, fight back.

Read more about mountain lion safety here.

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Spencer McKee manages the OutThere Colorado digital publication as the Director of Content and Operations. In his spare time, Spencer loves to rock climb, trail run, and mountain bike. Follow along with his adventures on Instagram at @spence.outside


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