Portrait of a cougar, mountain lion, puma Photo Credit: Evgeny555 (iStock).

Photo Credit: Evgeny555 (iStock).

A video shared to YouTube by Retro 102.5 Radio shows an adult mountain lion run in front of a car in Poudre Canyon earlier this month. 

The video, that appears to have been captured on a dashboard camera, is only five seconds long. However, it truly displays the speed of these deadly predators. 

In this case, the lion easily slipped by, but the video also serves as a reminder for Colorado drivers to stay vigilant on the roads.

In 2021, car versus wildlife collisions increased around 5.5 percent in Colorado, according to the Colorado State Patrol. Animal-caused accidents can be avoidable if drivers travel at the speed limit and remain alert. This is especially true at dusk and dawn when animals may be more active. 

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