File photo of young moose. Photo Credit: Walt Snover (iStock).

File photo of young moose. Photo Credit: Walt Snover (iStock).

Another wild wildlife moment has been caught on camera!

Two men in Ontario came to the rescue of a bull moose that got stuck up to its neck in a deep mud hole.

A report from CBC says the two men reached out to officials for instructions on how to safely rescue the moose from the mud, but were unable to make contact. Realizing the dire situation at the hand, the men quickly jumped into action to help save the troubled moose. They placed a strap around the moose's antlers and then pulled it out of the mud using an ATV.

"He was buried right up to his head ... he was fighting, and fighting, and fighting just to keep his head out of the mud," the report reads.

The exhausted moose laid on its side for some time before popping up and running into the forest.

In a similar rescue story in Colorado, a moose calf was found trapped four-feet deep in the basement foundation of a home left exposed by a wildfire that occurred during the previous summer. 

Do not attempt to rescue a potentially dangerous wild animal, such as a moose, without assistance from wildlife officials. Wild animals can be dangerous and their behavior is often unpredictable. While this story has a happy ending, the encounter could have also left the men injured.

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