Grizzly, brown bear, Ursus arctos, running and pursuing an other one, Alaska

File photo. Photo credit: pchoui (iStock). Grizzly at full speed chasing an other bear who has wandered into his territory in Cook Inlet, Alaska.

A group of onlookers at Admiralty Island in Alaska had an unbelievable encounter with a huge brown bear, that was caught on camera. 

The video originally taken by Kenzie Shultz, shows a massive brown bear running against the current of a river right toward a group of onlookers. 

At first sight, the bear appears to be running at the group but only looks at them before continuing up the river. He eventually turns back in the direction he came just before the video cuts.  

The people in the video handled the situation exactly right. They didn't panic or make any sudden movements, and allowed the animal to pass peacefully. 

Here in Colorado we share space with the state's large population of black bears. If you encounter one CPW advises you to stand still, stay calm and let the bear identify you and leave. You should also talk in a normal tone of voice, and always be sure that the bear has an escape route.


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I guided fly fishing on the west side of Admiralty Island in 2014. Although there are many, the brown bears there are not 'huge;' they are about the size of any grizzly bear. I have so many great stories of sharing a stream that size with the brown bears of Admiralty Island. They are very accommodating as long as we are respectful in return. It's an amazing experience certainly!

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