Mountain lion File photo. Photo Credit: BLM Nevada (Flickr).

File photo. Photo Credit: BLM Nevada (Flickr).

Four mountain lions that were seen stalking around a neighborhood in Conifer, Colorado on Saturday were caught video by a security camera in the area. 

This awesome footage serves as a reminder that in Colorado, we share space with some pretty incredible wildlife. When you live in mountain lion country it is important to keep a close eye on your pets and children when they are outside.

Though it is impossible to know for sure from this video alone, it is likely that the group is a familial unit including a mother and three cubs. 

"Kittens learn hunting skills through play and exploration, and by watching their mother. When the young are about 6 weeks old, she begins taking them to her kills to feed. At six months, they weigh over 30 pounds and are capable hunters. Kittens remain with their mother for another year, improving their hunting skills," according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW).  

While mountain lions are unlikely to attack humans, it's important to respect their space. 

If you see a mountain lion, CPW recommends that you do not approach the animal. Instead, remain calm, back away slowly, do all you can to appear larger, and if the lion becomes aggressive—fight back. 

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When I was growing up in the state land are of Central New York Finger Lakes Region I miss the wildlife we saw everyday out in the the way I love Venison too!Jess


This article should read “ Humans and their homes are encroaching on Mountain Lions territory”. I’m so sickened by humans and their attitudes towards wildlife. The animals were here first. If you don’t want to encounter wildlife then move out of Colorado.


I wish there was a way to edit our stories too! No matter how careful I try to be I miss something! Oh well, Jess


I love seeing people posting video and photographs of lions. Yeah, that's easy for me to say since I no longer live in CO. :( But you do have lovely neighbors and I'm glad to see most know how to live with them in peace.


Post script AK47


Fastolds; it is a good thing they can not use that AK47 on you for coming onto their on their property, because they were here first! Just saying ,Jess


Time to put night vision scope on AR47, mountain lions come in my neighborhood, they will meet my little friend.

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