Trail Camera Photo

Trail camera captures video of bull elk with tire around his neck. 

Photo via CPW.

A bull elk with a tire around its neck was seen again on Wednesday evening for roughly the 7th time over the last 2 years, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW). 

The sighting was reported near Pine Junction, which is found in the foothills of the Front Range, south of Mount Evans. 

The animal was first spotted in 2019, by a CPW officer who was conducting a sheep count in the Mount Evans Wilderness. The officer was unable to help the elk that day due to the distance they were away from the animal and lack of on-hand resources.

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"It appeared to be a smaller bull (at the time) probably a 2 or 3 year old elk," said Wildlife officer Scott Murdoch in a CPW video about the incident.

"Being that it was up in the wilderness, we didn't really expect to get our hands on that elk. The further these elk are away from people, the more wild they act. Which has certainly played true over the last year or two, in that this elk is just very difficult to find," he said.

Four of the official sightings of this elk have been on trail cameras according to CPW records. 

"Its pretty remarkable, this elk is moving all the way from Mount Evans Wilderness in the summer time and spent the winter in South East Conifer and has now moved a little bit North," Murdoch said. 

Map [Click to see if embed not showing on device]

Map illustrating the Elk's movement around the state. 

Map via Colorado Parks and Wildlife. 

CPW officials are not certain how the tire got stuck around the bull's neck. 

"It either had to get this around his neck as a young elk before it had antlers, most likely it happened in the winter time but its anyone's guess. It could have been a big stack of tires. I've seen where people feed animals and they put there heads in things," Murdoch said. 

"We would like to catch up to this elk, but it is definitely acting like a wild elk and not wanting to be seen. Which is good. We want our wildlife to act wild." 

The challenge with locating the elk and removing the tire is two-fold. First, wildlife officers need to be close enough to the site of a report to be able to respond quickly. Second, they would need to have equipment on hand to tranquilize and remove the tire. 

"We definitely want to track this Elk down so if folks have any sightings, the more recent the better and we will do our best to get on that elk," Murdoch said. 

In Colorado, we share space with wildlife, and situations like this can be avoided if the proper precautions are taken. Simply walking around your property and managing any obstacle that may impeded wildlife passing through can make a huge difference. 

If you see an animal in distress or entangled in a similar way, or if you spot this elk, do not approach the animal and contact Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

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(4) comments


Looks like the elk is showing the hunters how his head would look on their wall. ;)


It is not a tire, it is an inner tube. How do you morons get hired to write these stories


My thoughts exactly.


This doesn't make sense. Not probable this is the same elk. When the new antlers begin to grow in the Spring, the old antlers will fall off. At that point, when the elk lowers its head to graze, the tire would freely fall off. Uncanny if the same elk has an attachment to that tire or another elk picked it up. Must be a special tire! 🤣 Are there any other indicators it's the same elk?

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