File photo. Photo Credit: Gary Gray (iStock).

File photo. Photo Credit: Gary Gray (iStock).

A video posted to YouTube in 2016 shows a deer making a mad dash through the home, jumping onto the couch and knocking over a painting while nearly crashing into a small child. 

The chaotic moment startled the 6-year old boy who was watching cartoons in the living room at the time the deer came charging through the open sliding glass doors of the home. 

Deer attacks on humans are extremely rare, but wild animals are also unpredictable. An unusual sound or the feeling of being cornered may scare a wild animal, causing them to bolt or charge after you.

Editor's Note: If you encounter an animal that appears sick, injured, or in need of care, do not attempt to touch or pick it up. Instead, contact your nearest Colorado Parks and Wildlife office for help. For a list of region and area offices, click here.

Breanna Sneeringer writes about news, adventure, and more for OutThere Colorado as a Digital Content Producer. She is an avid adventure seeker and wildflower enthusiast. Breanna joined OutThere Colorado in September 2018.


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