Gondola lift in ski resort in winter mountains during snowfall.

Photo credit: Olga_Gavrilova. File photo. (iStock)

A bull caused a chaotic moment on the slopes at the  Rosa Khutor ski resort in Russia earlier this week, when it joined the skiers on a run. A video of the incident was captured by one of the skiers. 

According to the video's description, the bull rammed at least three resort guests during the incident, though no serious injuries were reported.

Check out the video below: 

Though it is not necessarily common to see animals on ski resort slopes, it does happen. In fact, in 2022 a pair of moose were recorded while sparring at Steamboat Resort. 

In another instance, a skier reportedly killed a deer when they collided at Idaho's Sun Valley Resort. 

If you run into animals on the slopes, you should immediately contact ski patrol. If the animal is determined to be a potential threat to guests, they may shut down a run while the animal passes through. 

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Stupid video had ad screens pop up halfway thru. I'm getting really fed up with idiots who haven't got a clue how to make decent software.

82nd Airborne

It's why I hardly watch youtube anymore!

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