Photo Credit: Henry-Luis Lapointe-Guevara

File photo. Photo Credit: Henry-Luis Lapointe-Guevara

Another bear video is making viral waves across the Internet, depicting a bear roaming around a wedding reception, presumably on the hunt for cake.

Perhaps the most shocking thing about the video is the non-reaction of guests sitting mere feet away from the bear. One man keeps chewing his last bite, not even looking toward the bear after it passes. The woman beside him has her phone out and looks to be sending a text message, not even attempting to grab a quick shot of the bear as it strolls by. Maybe then didn't see the bear until after it passed or maybe these guests are just so familiar with bear sightings that non-reaction is their normal response.

I'm not sure where this video was taken, but it appears to show a black bear. Either way, this wild video is one you've got to see.

Watch it below:

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