Photo Credit: Harry Collins (iStock).

Photo Credit: Harry Collins (iStock).

A viral video posted to TikTok shows a large bear casually entering a 7-11 convenience store in Olympic Valley, California.  

The bear activates a hand sanitizer dispenser with its snout and lifts its massive paws onto an ice-cream freezer to get a better look at the store. 

A horrified store employee can be heard screaming and attempting to haze the bear who seems to be unbothered. 

The bear appears to be tagged, which may be an indication that it is a repeat offender. 

This could be proof that the bear has had success in the past with finding food from human sources like garbage. 

Black bears are incredibly food motivated and have been known to break into trash cans, vehicles, and even homes to find something to eat. In fact, Colorado Parks and Wildlife reports that most human-bear conflicts can be traced back to bear attractants, such as easily accessible human food. 

“Preventing bears from relying on human food sources takes a community effort and it's important that we all take proactive steps to avoid any possible conflicts with bears and bearproof our homes," said said Jamin Grigg, a senior wildlife biologist from CPW’s southwest region, in a release. 

The employee in the video is trying to haze the bear by making loud noises in addition to their frightened screams. 

Hazing is a tactic that CPW encourage in these kind of situations. Hazing might scare away the bear, and discourage it from returning to the same food source twice. 

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